Sign Accessories & Options

We offer common sign accessories and mounting hardware and can ship them with your order to help you get up and running as soon as you recieve your signs. If you have additional questions about our accessories feel free to call or email us and one of our production staff members will be happy to give you an insightful answer!

Coroplast Metal Sign Stakes

Wire Stakes are an easy way for you display an yard signs. the wire stake is pushed up into the corrugated plastic sign and the other end is pushed into the ground. this is an easy, inexpensive way to display a coroplast sign.


A Grommet is a metal ring inserted into a hole punched into your sign. Grommets are typically used on softer substrates (not metal) reinforce the corners when sign is being held up with a rope or zip ties. the grommet will prevent the corner of the sign from tearing loose when subjected to high .

Chain Link Fence Mounting Bracket

If you plan on hanging your custom sign on a chain link fence we suggest you order a set (or two sets depending on how many holes are drilled in your sign) of this mounting brackets. these brackets are an easy and inexpensive way to securely hang a sign on a chain link fence.

Tufnut Vandal-Proof Hardware

These nuts and bolts combination are used to secure your custom sign to U channel or square metal posts. case hardened steel vandal-proof hardware cannot be loosened with a standard wrench which can deter thieves.