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Let's Be Friends? Custom Signs

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Are you completely disgusted by all the vitreal rhetoric in the recent Presidential election process? Are you ashamed at the level of hatred expressed by supporters of both sides of the political system. Let the world know how you fell by displaying a "Let's be friends" yard sign in front of your house. Help your neighbors calm down and realize that we all need to come together now that the election is over. Be an island of sanity in an ocean of hostility by showing that we are all Americans and we can all be friends. All of our protest sign templates are 100% customizable. You can purchase the sign as is or add or change any of the text on the sign to reflect the specific message you want to get across. Our signs are available in 10 different sizes and we can print them on any of 7 different substrates. Order your Let's Be Friends protest sign today and it will ship within 48 hours.